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10-year-old Ryan has lived before and he can prove it

Ryan thinks he has already lived
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Ryan says he has lived once before. As an actor in Hollywood.

10-year-old Ryan thinks he has lived once before. Sure, many little boys invent fantasy stories and like to chat about it. But as detailed as Ryan's story is, it's scary. That thought also his mother and went with her son to the public. She told the story of her boy to US TV channel NBC.

One day, when Ryan was five, he began to talk about living in Hollywood and being an actor. "I used to be different, " he told his mother. Several times he asked his mother to bring him back to Hollywood. He could tell frightening details of his earlier life. He danced on Broadway, was married five times and had a house with a swimming pool.

Ryan thinks he was this actor

One day he was leafing through a Hollywood biography when he suddenly said to his mother, "That's me, " pointing to a picture of the rather unknown actor Marty Martyn. He starred in the movie "Night after Night".

Experts then examined Ryan's story. They could not find a mistake in the many details of the stories. Even though there is hardly any information about Ryan's former self on the internet.

Really scary: Ryan even uncovered a flaw in Marty Martyn's death certificate. How exactly the boy could gather all this information is not clear. Experts puzzle over this truly extraordinary case of rebirth.

Ryan is not the only little boy who can remember a past life. Luke also tells us that he used to be a woman named "Pam".

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