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The trend comeback of the Adilette

This is Jane Wayne blogger Nike van Dinther, of course, has long recognized the Adiletten trend - and carries the classic to the blue-white summer outfit.
Photo: instagram / nikejane

Now there are even designer flip-flops

She has always been practical, but now she is even hip! The Adilette is back, following the trend follow-up to the Birkenstock revival and even inspires Dior designer Raf Simons for himself.

Betting that the Adilette is becoming trend again?

The Adilette announces its major trend comeback, those blue rubber slippers with blue and white stripes and non-slip soles, which has shaped the image of German tourists in questionable combination with white sports socks around the world. No more, because the Adidas cult slipper is now officially competing against the omnipreste Birkenstock in fashion summer .

Until a few months ago, the Adilette, the Adidas founder Adi Dassler designed in 1963 as a comfortable slipper for footballers after the game was considered completely unfashionable. But the Normcore movement and Birkenstock health slump including Givenchy or Isabel Marant's high fashion offshoot did the rest, allowing Adidas' iconic slippers to reach the feet of fashion.

Photo: Getty Images / PR

Not convinced yet? Then this designer collaboration should provide the last trend proof. Raf Simons actually designs for Dior. Only a few days ago he was celebrated for his latest haute couture collection for the traditional house. Now the Simons teamed up with Adidas to create new editions of the iconic shoe for 120 Euros.

The luxury patches in bright red, blue and black (see above) will be available from February 2015. And at the latest then not only swimming pool lifeguards, but also a lot of street-style stars will beat us in the Adilette .

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