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Living fun on two levels

A new space four times different - variant 3

A pedestal gives a room a new dimension. It is also ideal for setting up a sunbathing area.

A pedestal changes the room proportions decisively. Here it takes about a quarter of the room to a higher level and creates a box seat at the window with casual upholstery elements. The elegant gray carpet continues on the lower level and includes the dining area, the walkway to the terrace stands out with walnut laminate. The d├ęcor, with lots of white and warm-looking wood, is enlivened by the turquoise wall and bold swatches of yellow, green and turquoise.


As barren and barren as an empty new space seems, so are the chances to give it a distinctive character. Four examples illustrate how furniture, fabrics, colors and accessories enliven the empty shell in different ways.


The platform and dining area form a unit through the common carpet floor, the laminate-covered walkway to the terrace stands out clearly.

Casual sitting on the pedestal: from comfortable upholstery elements (183 x 103 cm and 103 x 103 cm, period), which stand on extremely flat skid feet, you have a clear view from the window. Walnut wood side table, which can be tucked over the upholstered surface, and the oversized metal tray (diameter 80 cm, Clic in the style) ensure that drinks, reading, etc. are always within reach.

Expert Tip: Take the opportunity to give the space a new dimension with a pedestal. It is also ideal for setting up a sunbathing area: It is conceivable to include the entire platform area with a fluffy carpet. If you need storage space, you can design the pedestal a bit higher and install drawers.

Fine material mix for the sideboard (73 x 191 x 44 cm): expressively grained walnut wood for the body and eggshell-colored lacquer for the two sliding doors (Gruber + Schlager). All the boxes inside are carefully matched to the room colors.

Manufacturer: Walnut laminate flooring: Haro. Carpet: JAB ANSTOETZ Rugs. Upholstery elements, side table: period. Sideboard, dining table, cantilever chair: Gruber + Schlager. Shelf: Ikea. Light: Tobias Grau. Faltrollo fabrics: Kinnasand. TV: OTTO. Tray: Clic in the style work. Cover: fabric office. Pillows: Priority Living. Lackkasten: Habitat. Mug: Kirchner. Bowl: The laundry.