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Boris Becker: Can his mother save the marriage?

Boris Becker and his wife Lilly hope for the good advice of Boris's mother
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This family should stay together

After the constant ups and downs with Lilly Boris now asks his mother for help

Nobody knows him as well as she does. His fears, his thoughts, what touches his heart. "She is my best advisor, " says Boris Becker (45). That's why the former tennis hero now brought his beloved mother Elvira (73) to England. She is to mediate - between him and his Lilly (36).

For Lilly's behavior in public became more and more of a thorn in the side of Boris. After his birthday party, he sought the conversation with her - which ended in a drama! Lilly was hurt and deeply hurt, Boris helpless and in the end with his Latin. Now the fronts are hardened.

Does Elvira Becker even have a chance to convey that? Definitely! Because not only for Boris she is a great support. Even Lilly, who was orphaned herself early, has found a kind of mother figure in the glue-maker. She will surely find the right words to smooth the waves.

"Marriage is up and down, " says Elvira Becker in an interview - and she has to know. Stately 42 years she was married to her great love Karl-Heinz Becker († 64). In good and bad times - until he succumbed to cancer in 1999.

Boris's mother knows from her own marriage that one has to work on the partnership. Every day. Because for disputes, the time together is just too precious. "There are always situations where you have different opinions. That's the same with all couples, "says the 73-year-old.

Understandable that she wants to create peace and understanding between her son and Lilly. Not just because of her son, whose first marriage went wrong. Even the world of Klein Amadeus (2) should not fall apart. That would break Granny Elvira's heart!

Let's hope that Lilly and Boris accept the wise advice of Elvira ...