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Karl Lagerfeld's cat Choupette with its own beauty line

Choupette, as Shu Uemura's new campaign cat, makes every beauty fan a purr

But cats do not even wear make-up !?

The white Birman Cat Choupette is probably the most famous pet in the world! Now Karl Lagerfeld's purring darling gets his own cosmetics line from Shu Uemura. For real! More information we reveal here.

The cosmetics fight for the best beauty product for Cat-Eyes allowed Shu Uemura to win his new campaign once and for all! For this, the company got a real cat in front of the camera ... Correctly read, it may be snarled!

By the way, the graceful new model was allowed to have a clear casting advantage thanks to his extraordinarily good connections to the fashion industry: The mouth-watering shooting star is none other than Choupette, the beloved cat of Karl Lagerfeld, who regularly meets with the Japanese beauty club. Label collaborates (he creates his sketches with the Shu Uemura products). The new 17-part series, which is due to hit the market in time for the Christmas season, bears the name Shupette by Karl Lagerfeld .

What exactly we expect for make-up products is not yet known - maybe a kohl, which emphasizes deep blue eyes or long fluffy fake lashes? We are curious, the main thing the cat remains unadorned!