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Selena Gomez shows bra and a lot of bare skin

Stars show underwear: Selena Gomez

So much bare skin is not used to Selena Gomez! Now she showed herself celebrating her wild side and revealed her bra.

Selena Gomez shows her bra and bare skin
Photo: Ashley Benson / Instagram, When
Does Justin Bieber's girlfriend compete with Miley Cyrus?

We are always amazed at how much the style of Selena Gomez has changed. From conservative to rock-chic, from rather to unbelievably sexy. At her birthday party on July 22, 2013, she once again proves that she is now consciously using her charms: Selena Gomez wore a crop top that revealed her bra while bending over for the photo.

From good to sexy: The style development of Selena Gomez shows the gallery!

Ever since Selena Gomez played a crazy bikini girl in "Spring Breakers", she seems to have taken pleasure in showing more naked skin. Already on the promo tour for the film, she was seen in a transparent top, under which her push-up bra flashed teasingly.

Selena Gomez shows bra in sexy crop top

You could also see her wearing a cool shirt with an open back combined with a lace bra. Will Selena Gomez soon compete with Miley Cyrus? Finally, the new style strongly reminiscent of their look. We like them a bit more courageous and sexy in any case better!

Selena Gomez's cool "Birthday" video is here.