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Romantic lights in a delicate crochet dress

Enchanting lanterns
Photo: Deco & Style

Simply adorable

In the delicate crochet dress made of the finest yarn, the lanterns look simply enchanting. We have the instructions and crochet script for the crochet wind lights for you.

You need this:

  • 1 Kn. Anchor Aida 10 Fb. 336 and 850
  • 1 Milward crochet hook No. 1, 25
  • 2 tealight glasses with candles


Size about 8 cm in diameter and 9 cm high

Crochet a tealight envelope for each color. Crochet the stitches very tight to make the pattern stable. First, work the soil as follows: 1. Rd: work in a string of 1 lm + 7 fm. 2nd round: double every M (16 sts). 3rd round: double every 2 sts (24 sts). 4-10th Rd: increase 8 sts evenly (80 sts). ROUND 11: Evenly distributed only increase 7 sts (87 sts). Start in the 12th Rd with height and work according to HS 15 Rd.

Completion: Place the tealight glasses with the candles in the crocheted lanterns.