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These are the pocket trends 2013

In spring / summer 2013 absolutely hip: the XXL-Clutch
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The ten it-bags of the season

Okay, we already have two million bags in the closet! But let's face it: Can you ever have enough of the stylish must-haves? NO! And these new colors and shapes for Spring / Summer 2013 are just to fall in love.

There are certainly 1269 new handbags in spring / summer 2013 - and more. But only the best, the most sought-after and the best are for you.

Let's start with the XXL clutch . The Maxi model works just as well in this season as: small and fine, but oh-so! Because bags in mini format are also absolutely in vogue.

Because plastic-couture was dangling on the model arm in Chanel's spring / summer show, we looked for even more unfamiliar materials in the it-bag industry.

An old well-known fabric that comes back in 2013: Korb . The wickerwork shows up in a pimped out fashion version. And the easiest way to show elegance goes like this: treat yourself to an accessory in quilted look . Preferably in the gloss trend lacquer.

Also in our top ten bags: contrast color models, patchwork deluxe, pastel shades or the transparency trend .

In the picture gallery we show the ten most beautiful bag trends in 2013 and give tips on re-shopping.

Those who prefer online shopping will find in shops like a good selection of current fashion trends.