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Mel Gibson already smoked as a baby

Mad Mels nicotine addiction started in the womb

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson / ©

Mel Gibson simply can not get rid of an addiction: cigarettes are for him the companions in all important decisions of his life, he confesses, and finds a life without the blue haze quite hectic. That would be worse than climbing the walls, what he would have tried for a while, the Mad Max actor to the best. At all, he has no choice, after all, he had the weakness for Glimmstengel already been born in the cradle. His mother was to blame because she had smoked when she was pregnant with him, Mel tells. He then tried his first fugue at the sweet age of nine, which supposedly gave him embryonic memories: Yes, I missed that! "Was his thought. And anyway, is no pleasure in life granted? The nicotine lover vehemently encourages non-smokers. "In my life there is no fun at all", he complains about withdrawal attempts, and no fun means that you die. Seems like Mel is in the dilemma between deadly fun loss and deadly vice. No easy choice, what? You can find even more star news here: