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Video: Rochen asks divers for help

Photo: Screenshot / Oceano VideoSub

Underwater Rescue

In the sea, the divers suddenly get a visit. A ray begs her for help, he is trapped in a net. The video shows his rescue.

Thomas and Flavia are traveling in Costa Rica. When they go diving with a group, they get acquainted with a manta underwater. The giant ray emerges from the blue void and joins the divers. But after a short time they realize that there is a reason for his visit: The ray asks the daughter for help.

A rope is stretched around the huge body. The ray seems to have caught in a fishing net with which he now floats helplessly in the sea. One of the divers reacts immediately. Without fear, he approaches the otherwise very shy ray, which can even be touched. The ray seems to trust the divers, he hopes for help. It will not be long in coming, immediately the diver gets to work.

After a short time the stingray can be freed from the net. After the rescue, he lets himself slide down again. Rays of the genus Manta grow up to nine meters long. Because of their size, they are often feared, even though they are considered peaceful animals. The video supports this thesis. A paradoxical situation: The ray asks people for help, who are also responsible for his captivity in the network.


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