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Duchess Kate and Princess Victoria: Double Baby Happiness

Duchess Kate and Princess Victoria compete
Photo: Getty Images / Corbis

What awaits us at the royal court next year?

She has that blissful smile on her face, putting her hands on her stomach more and more often, drinking water instead of wine ... Duchess Kate (30) is finally pregnant! One of her oldest friends, Jessica Hay (30), chatted out the sweet secret now.

In an interview with an Australian newspaper, she even revealed specific details. " Kate is convinced that it happened, " said the former classmate. It was the right time, because the two did not want to be "old" parents.

The overjoyed couple have already dedicated their best friends. However, the farm wanted to be on the safe side and wait until Kate had already progressed well into pregnancy before announcing the wonderful news.

But with the official confirmation you can still expect in December. What a wonderful message so close to Christmas.

And in Sweden, hoping for baby luck. Especially since Crown Princess Victoria (35) lovingly put her hand on her stomach at an appointment last week. And husband Daniel (39) led her so caringly over a small bridge, as if he would have to take even more care of his wife ...

Victoria has always stressed that daughter Estelle should not remain an only child and Daniel revealed that he wants a whole pack of children - the faster, the better. That would be wonderful for Sweden and England: double baby luck next year!

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