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This bath is completely set on relaxation

The newly designed bathroom owes its spaciousness to the clear layout and transparent elements.

Pamper yourself!

The bathroom is full of good ideas: The spacious bath has an extra wide storage area for cosmetics and atmospheric accessories. The container made of moisture-repellent olive wood can be rolled up while bathing. Bright tiles and wall colors emphasize the spa atmosphere. The long radiator warms the bathrobe before.

Manufacturer: tiles for floors, walls and with decorative decoration "Paper Moods", bath "Nexus": Villeroy & Boch. Bath mixer "Essense", approx. 250 Euro: Grohe. Radiator: "Cosmo Nova": Vogel & Noot. Wall Paint "Imagine": Beautiful Living Color. Roller cabinet "EnVogue", approx. 580 Euro, towels, coat, scales, radio, shells, scented candles, make-up bag, orchid pot: Dodenhof. (As of 10/09)

You can rely on two

When it gets crowded in the morning in a family bathroom, two washbasins save stress. A remote control controls the mirror light, wall-mounted cabinets facilitate wiping.

Extra high and elegant

For wash bowls like made - the extra high, slim single lever mixer. Adornment: the relief tiles.

Tropical showers - sometimes gentle, sometimes pattering

Refreshing from head to toe - no wonder dish shower heads are so popular. This model can even be tilted. Nevertheless, the hand shower is indispensable.

Bath in light

How much input and outlook should it be? The transparency of the Twinlight roller blind is ensured by the contrasting fabric panels.

Manufacturer: Base cabinets "Loop", mirror, glass shelf "More to See": Villeroy & Boch. Bath mat, towel rail, towels, soap dispenser, standing mirror: Dodenhof. Hand washbasin "Loop Slim", approx. 415 Euro, wall decoration tile "Paper Moods", approx. 124 Euro / qm: Villeroy & Boch. Shower enclosure, shower tray "Subway", approx. 440 Euro, tiles "Paper Moods", on the floor, Greige matt, approx. 45 Euro / sqm, on the wall, matt cream, approx. 32 Euro / sqm: Villeroy & Boch. Shower tap "Rainshower Jumbo": Grohe. Natural sponge: Dodenhof. Single lever mixer "Essence", approx. 275 Euro: Grohe. Roller blind "Twinlight", made to order, approx. 130: Euro: Teba (as of 10/09)