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Daniel Radcliffe and Rosie Coker are no longer a couple

Rosie Coker's father confirms the separation of Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe / ©

Daniel fell in love with Radcliffe whenever he talked about his relationship with Rosie Coker. The pair were considered an extremely cute couple ever since the "Harry Potter" actress fell in love with the production assistant while shooting Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. Now Rosie's father confirmed that the two were no longer together. He told the sad news in the "Daily Mail" quite bluntly: "Rosie is not in the country at the moment. She tries to get over it. She does not want to talk about it. "It is known that the couple, who were officially dating in 2011, last lived together in Daniel's luxury apartment in the West Village of Manhattan. Daniel Radcliffe's breakup was when he saw him flirting with another. Daniel Radcliffe himself had to to hear again and again that he is really gay. His relationship with Rosie Coker had temporarily silenced the talk, but in the end it was just a deception? He was investigated about the state of his relationship after being flirtatiously watched with actress Erin Drake this month. How long has it been between him and Rosie, one does not know, his spokesman commented not to comment on the private life of his client