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Annual Horoscope 2013: Jungfrau (24.8 to 23.9.)

The Joy Annual Horoscope 2013

Attention, secret affair! The stars test their condition: they experience 2013 as much as they normally do in just five years.

Annual Horoscope 2013
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  1. Cosmic situation
  2. love
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  4. happiness
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Cosmic situation

Neptune faces your zodiac sign and cushions all negative influences. The annual Regent Moon, on the other hand, gives your life intensity, sometimes even more, than you would like.


The infatuation at the beginning of the year is fierce, but short, so you are ready in March for a re-conquest. And this time you make a stroke of luck: in bed he is a master, he showered you with gifts and you spark on the same frequency - the ideal connection. Nevertheless, let in the summer on a secret secret affair. Your double life has all the ingredients of a thriller and how long you persevere, even the stars do not know. Their only comment: Enjoy without thinking!


In 2013, you do not have to make a big effort to get what you deserve for a long time: more money. And in July an absolute dream offer flutters on the table.


All-clear in the intrigue jungle: someone who made your life difficult, disappears from your environment.


Even though you know what you can do, sometimes you sell yourself under value: staying tough and above all, negotiating hard.

She he

With the ram you make new experiences of an erotic nature. The bull has everything a man needs, so you do not get bored. The twin laughs if you do not laugh, and vice versa: not compatible. You are always in the mood for cancer, even in 2013. This year, the lion is provoking you more than usual. Another virgin and sex is set to become a record. The scale is too delicate for you. The scorpion is a secret lover, the shooter as a loyal friend and the ibex as a dream man. Aquarius is too unreliable for you. For a night with the fish you do everything.


Now push yourself into the first row.

Motto 2013: A lot will happen this year.

Your chance: Spontaneously and flexibly react to changes

Success strategy: train pokerface and play with high stakes

Aura: The woman who knows what she wants

Love mantra: I can make several men happy.

Sex: main thing, you have something of it.

Luck formula: Everything is possible.

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