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Citizens Of Humanity: This is where the punk goes!

Hello, 90s! Toughe grunge looks rock the scene (rivets-blouse by Citizens Of Humanity, ca. 315 Euro)
Photo: PR

Limited Punk Capsule Collection

The grunge look is back - and rocks through the season with the denim label Citizens Of Humanity! We can really let it rip with the styling!

Typical of the 90s look are heavy boots, plaids and knitwear. At Citizens Of Humanity, this style is enhanced with punk elements such as flannel patchwork, tartan, studs and denim. Our trend tip!

The limited edition "Punk Capsule Collection" includes studded jackets, skinny jeans with patched holes and cracks, denim vests and dungarees in used-look and coated jeans in black and gray tones. The result: edgy punk styles that are sexy and cool at the same time.

The casual looks can be found online at or directly at

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