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10 things that only women with disgust for feet understand

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Ehhhh, Feeteee!

Who knows a woman who finds her feet pretty? Right, nobody! And with these ten sentences, everyone will find themselves with foot phobia ...

In the summer it says: Come with the sandals! But at the same time it says: Show your feet! A contradiction that can drive some women to despair. Because you have to decide: Either you let the toes flash or endure heat and cheese. But let's be honest: Then you better jump over your own shadow and present your feet to the public ... But that still does not feel pleasant, even if your feet are actually farthest from our eyes, just like that Body allows.

Now some will say, kid, do not dress like that! But what should you do if you find feet really scary ?! The bad thing: Because of the disgust you pay special attention to it. This is the same as with people who hate spiders. None of these people would let such a sight out ... And so one is almost a little damned - especially in the summer - to look at the bare feet of his fellow man. Grrr ...

10 sentences and thoughts that only women with disgust for feet understand

1. Why do some toes look like little fat fingers ?! Oh, please do not let her grab me ...

2nd Ugh, the woman in the train actually has long toenails and finds that nice too. (Even if the feet are otherwise well-groomed, toenails may NEVER grow out over the toe).

3. No, I do not want to massage your feet, thanks!

4. Ehhh! My feet just touched the picnic blanket with someone else's feet (and yes, it does not matter if you know them better or not).

5. OMG! The cornea of ​​the woman in the bus is out of this world. How can you just let it come to that ?! First googled: Ok, the nasty cracks hot cracks ... bah!

6. I know what color your socks have - you can find parts of it under your big toenail.

7. When you put on these shoes, your feet soon smell like a cheese factory.

8. Damn, who's just taken off his shoes? Puhhh ...

9. choking! Why is the man walking barefoot through the pedestrian zone ?! Here the name should hardly be program.

10. Ok, it has to be, but the appointment for the pedicure is coming up ...