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Christine Neubauer: The dark secret of José Campos

Christine Neubauer and Jos Campos were very much in love at the German Film Ball.
Photo: gettyimages

Did not she know about it?

The gentleman he helps her out of the black sedan, playfully he feeds her with ice, enjoys every single one of her touches.

José Campos (46), the new man on the side of actress Christine Neubauer (50), visibly enjoyed his big appearance at the German film ball. He only seemed to have eyes for the beautiful Bavarian.

But behind his charming smile, the Chilean hides a dark secret: For Christine Neubauer José Campos left his family, is apparently still married!

Not only Christine's still-husband Lambert Dinziger (56) and son Lambert jr. (20) had to give way to this love, José also left behind his wife and two children in South America. And closed her eyes in her desperate tears.

In addition, he is said to have already had a German lover, when he met Christine Neubauer . What a mess!

Did Christine Neubauer know about all this? Suddenly, the new love of the actress and the photographer gets a bitter aftertaste. What do his children think when they see such pictures of their father? Languishing, in love with a strange woman - at the other end of the world.

How bad does that have to do them! But Christine seems mesmerized by José. Again and again she touched his hands, other women threw them jealous glances. Whether a love that is built on so much suffering, can be lasting?