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Andrea Berg: Have the courage to be fashionable!

Andrea Berg likes individual fashion
Photo: Getty Images

She draws her clothes herself

Andrea Berg (46) without her brilliant stage outfits ? Hardly imaginable! But the popular pop singer does not owe her extraordinary wardrobe to expensive-paying designers. She picks up the pen herself and draws her own clothes!

"It is the fantasy of every girl and woman to imagine themselves in a beautiful dress, and I fulfill that dream, " she told the news agency "dpa".

No wonder her fashion always fits her so fantastically. Andrea Berg just knows what she stands for and in which clothes she feels comfortable. And who feels comfortable in his clothes, has already a very different, mostly very positive and self-confident charisma.

Andrea Berg manages to carry her innermost outward. And that depends on the fans. The singer remains true to it and does not rely on any fashion trends . Her fashion is herself. Authentic, extraordinary and with pleasure sexy.

Andrea Berg does not think much of a "uniform look": "I would like to see people brave and dare more about everyday wear." Perhaps a good intent for many who otherwise only walk gray in gray ...