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Christian Rach: Favorite cook is mortally ill

Photo: RTL / Thomas Pritschet

Terrible diagnosis

It seemed that the story of Uwe Benno (58) had a happy ending ... Together with restaurant savior Christian Rach (55) he fought against bankruptcy. And won. But now fate struck again: the 58-year-old is terminally ill.

It's not the first horror diagnosis Uwe Benno received. After his restaurant "Zum Schober" could be rescued thanks to the help of TV chef Christian Rach, the doctors diagnosed him with cancer . Operations followed.

As the magazine "Closer" now reports, now came the big shock: Uwe Benno is terminally ill .

"I got the diagnosis six months ago, I do not know how much longer I can live with it, " he tells Closer. His lungs work only to 52 percent, adds wife Renate (48). The doctors advised the cook to work shorter. But the 58-year-old does not want to close his restaurant. "Without my work, I would be lost, " explains Uwe Benno.

Read the full story in "Closer", no. 34 of 15 August 2012.

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