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Hanuta with milk crispies - are they really there?

Mhh, delicious hanuta as milk and crispies
Photo: Ferrero

childhood memory

Who does not like to remember: school trip in third grade, the small backpack filled with sheer treats. And then after hours of hiking finally the longed-for break. Beneath sausage sandwiches and orange juice packets, a well-kept chocolate snack was hidden every time. And sure, at the thought of a delicious Hanuta or a milky children's bar all sausage breads were quickly forgotten. And that is still the case today. Especially when old classics are reissued. Now there is Hanuta Milk and Crispies.

Although it sounds a bit banal, sometimes certain sweets are simply inevitably linked with childhood memories . All the better if they experience a new boom.

Such as the all-time classic Hanuta. Who does not like to remember the beautiful miller who uses a delicious hanuta with neat hazelnuts in the Ferrero commercial. But now the manufacturer Ferrero counteracts the 80s image of the chocolate snack. The new Hanuta comes in blue and white design with milk and crispies. Dark waffle and a white milk cream go great together and make the traditional hanuta a whole new taste experience.

A bit reminiscent of the chocolate-waffle mix in design and taste of the classic Knoppers from competitor Storck . But even here you do not sleep: for a long time there are no more Dickmänner just as classic chocolate kisses with dark chocolate. Depending on the season, these classics come with a pink strawberry cover or colorful sprinkles.

For true Hanuta fans: The candy is only available in selected supermarkets and the internet .

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