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Carmen Geiss in an interview: It was only after ten miscarriages that baby luck came

For the first time she talks about it

A terribly glamorous family: "The Geissens" are back on TV. Millionaire Robert Geiss (47) with wife Carmen. Now the cult blonde has recorded a CD: "Jet Set". We talked to the Cologne lady, who lives with her family in Monaco and St.Tropez.

Do you enjoy your life in the spotlight? Carmen Geiss : I used to dance in bikini in front of hundreds of people. But now I have really licked blood. Have you always been on the sunny side? Carmen Geiss : No, I know what mourning and destiny mean. In what way? Carmen Geiss : I did not become a mother until I was 39 because I had nine miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy. Nobody knows why. It was not until Robert and me had kids checked off that I was expecting my first daughter. Did you have to lie a lot during pregnancy? Carmen Geiss: No, I did not need that. But rushing parties until dawn I have canceled. How long have you been with Robert? Carmen Geiss: Oh, we've known each other for 30 years, celebrate the 17th wedding anniversary on October 30th. Can your husband be romantic too? Carmen Geiss: Is not his strength. He has never been. Is not his strength. He has never been. Carmen Geiss: He can cook so wonderfully, especially German dishes like goulash and Tafelspitz. Delicious! What does he say about your intended singing career? Carmen Geiss: Robert does not really believe in my success. When I sing, he always turns his eyes. But do not worry: I'll show it to you! (she laughs)

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