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Sewing Tutorial Cuddly toy: Willy, the whale

Is not Willy the whale just magical? We also find that! That's why we tell you here how you can sew the lovable whale yourself!

May we introduce you? Willy, the whale!
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Handwork brings twice as much fun, if you imagine how much the recipient will later be happy about it. In this terribly cute sea creature, the future owner is likely to go crazy for joy! How to sew the sock animal ...

That's what you need:

Templates, tailor's chalk, 1 pair of men's socks in blue (size 43), 1 pair of white tennis socks (size 43), cotton wool, gray embroidery thread, white embroidery thread, white felt fabric, black cloth marker, scissors, pins, sewing machine and matching yarn, textile glue

This is how it works:

1. Print the templates here on A4 and cut out.

2. Place the template for the belly on a tennis sock, mark it with the tailor's chalk and cut it out. Pay attention to possible direction of the ribs. Do the same with fins (2x) and fluke (caudal fin) (1x), but cut them additionally from a blue sock.

3. Lay the white and blue pieces of fabric for the Fluke on the right side and sew them together with the sewing machine. Leave an opening to the body, turn it over and fill it with stuffing. Turn right and fill.

4 . The fin parts, each 1x blue and 1x white also merge right to right and sew together with the sewing machine. To the whale body at the narrowest point, leaving an opening for turning and filling open. Turn right and fill. After filling the fins with filling cotton, pin the opening with a pin and set aside.

5 . Prepare the body. Unfold the other blue sock with sole and hoe laid out in front of you and place the template for your stomach on the blue sock. Transferring with cutter chalk contours. Cut out the whale back with scissors.

6. Fold the cut blue part to the right side, stick out the hoe to the body shape of the whale and sew it. Place the white and blue parts right to the right, put together with pins. The prepared fins between the blue and white part at the desired point pointing inwards, so that they can be sewn with the same. Leave an opening at the narrowest point for filling. Check shape, sew together with the sewing machine, turn over and fill with filling cotton.

7. Sew the filled fluke by hand onto the finished fullbody.

8. Embroider the specified pattern on the Fluke with embroidery thread using a basting stitch.

9. Cut two small circles of 1 cm diameter from white craft felt. Paint half of it with black fabric crayon.

10. Fix the felt eyes relatively far in front and close to the white fabric with textile glue. Additionally sew with white embroidery thread with two stitches in black.

Click here to download the template.