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Noel Gallagher as a guest appearance with Paul Weller

Noel Gallagher joined last night, 21.

Paul Weller

April, together with Paul Weller

Paul Weller / ©

Gallagher surprised audiences gathered for Weller's concert at London's 'Relentless Garage' with a guest appearance in which he co-starred with Oasis hit 'Mucky Fingers' with The Jam's former front man. The two Britons also played 'Echoes Round The Sun', which they had already recorded together for Weller's '22 Dreams' from 2008. A concertgoer reveals: "We barely got our eyes when Noel came on stage have a lot of fun together. "That Gallagher then continued to celebrate with his colleague behind the stage, however, is unlikely. Recently, the musician, who is expecting his third child with his partner Sara MacDonald, said Weller was a "nightmare" when drunk, so he avoided him. "I think Weller is one of my oldest friends, and I do not mean the fact that he's in his 50's - I mean, I've known him for about 12 years, " the 42-year-old recently admitted in an interview the English radio station 'Talk Sport'. "But there's an unwritten law that I'll never drink with Paul Weller, he's a nightmare, he's really hardcore, if you go out with him, you'll come back home with bumps and bruises later on to scuffle and one fancies himself with him. "

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