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Cardigan and knit sweaters - how it works!

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We love cuddly

When it gets uncomfortable outside and we slowly but surely have to turn on the heating at home, we long for warmth and security.

Cuddly soft clothes help to keep us warm and provide the right amount of comfort. Fancy tea and biscuits on Sundays with knitting? Then watch out!

We make a cardigan and a sweater quite simply with knitting needles and wool itself. While the long cardigan is held in a beautiful earth tone, we chose knit sweater for a simple gray. The latter convinces with a submarine neckline. Here, a blouse or statement necklace can be wonderfully combined.

How to knit cardigan and sweater, we tell you in our free knitting instructions for download.


You want more knitting ideas? Then take a look at our large KNIT-SPECIAL.

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