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Mastectomy: Why Avoid Implants

Mastectomy: The best alternative

Better no breast implants

Last year, especially Angelina Jolie caused a stir with her mastectomy. When she got implanted, there were not just positive voices.

The discussion about mastectomy has also provoked criticism. Doctors warn breast cancer endangered women from prematurely removing their breasts and making implants. On the positive side, however, they point out that the discussion could rouse many women more frequently to take precautionary measures.

In a mastectomy for increased breast cancer risk, the breasts are first completely removed. Doctors may leave a thin layer of skin and nipples to allow breasts to be implanted. Some women decide directly against new breasts, others choose another option to rebuild their breasts.

Mastectomy: This is the best alternative to the implant

In the alternative variant, implants that can often cause problems are dispensed with and a skin fat flap is removed from the lower abdomen. The scar resembles an enlarged caesarean scar. The skin fat flap can now be transplanted freely and is microsurgically connected to the thoracic vessels. This is a very complex procedure that can only be performed by plastic surgeons and takes four to six hours. Through this technique, the breasts can be reconstructed and still remain touch-sensitive. However, there is a minimal residual risk that the Hautweichteillapen is repelled by the body.

In very thin patients, a small implant is sometimes used because the skin flap is insufficient. But you can be sure that an individualized concept will be developed for every breast cancer patient in the breast center.