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Attention, these colors attract bed bugs

If you want to avoid bed bugs, do not buy bedding in this color!
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Be careful when buying bed linen

Who would have thought that?! Even bedbugs have a favorite color and we should definitely refrain from choosing our bed linen from now on.

If you do not want to risk the big crawling in the bedroom, you should definitely read this text. Because a new study has found that bedbugs actually prefer special colors. Which in turn will affect the purchase of our bed linen from now on.

In a recent study, scientists have provided a Petri dish with various splashes of color, and the bedbugs then had ten minutes to choose one of eight colors. Often the little beasts chose the color red (29%), closely followed by black (23%).

"At first, we thought bedbugs were red, because blood is red and that's what they feed on, " says scientist Corraine McNeill. "But now we think that they chose red in the first place, because that's their own body color and they like to frolic with their peers."

The fact that bedbugs especially like the color black is explained by the scientists as follows: House bugs love the darkness. They hide in the dense cracks between the mattress and the bed and only come out at night, to feed on the blood of the sleeper.

Signal colors like yellow and green are perfect

Who in the bedroom on the colors red and black, should perhaps reconsider his choice. After all, we do not want to deliberately provide the nasty bugs with a cozy home. Better would be bedding in the colors green or yellow, because the bright colors liked the animals least!

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