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Bruce Darnell: Styling tips for plus-size girls

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Bruce Darnell: "Appreciate your body more!"

In the interview, the "Das Supertalent" -Juror reveals how plus size girls can optimally style themselves - and how the new fashion trends in large sizes can be optimally combined.

Most know Bruce Darnell now as a charming witty juror on "Das Supertalent", but also as a model and fashion connoisseur is born in Colorado Darnell on our way. Recently he ran as a groom in white at the Fashion Week Berlin for the label Minx on the catwalk. Clear that Bruce Darnell feels at home in the fashion world and knows blind. Of course, the native American knows which woman is best. We women should generally appreciate more of our body, he finds. Darnell reveals his personal styling tips for plus-size women and gives tips for every problem zone.

Mr. Darnell, what are your favorite trends for 2015?

The selection of great fashion is especially great this spring. Personally, I find the ethno influences great, casual kaftan-like tops are very comfortable and an eye-catcher. And the pants are going on, it does not always have to be the skinny jeans.

Which trends would you rather not recommend this year for restyling?

Be careful with very short tops in the bustier look, which is only very slim women. Even the many prints on T-shirts always combine with a subtle pants. Otherwise, this can quickly seem overloaded.

Which current trends are the best for plus-size girls?

I recommend a pair of straight trousers and a loose shirt or blouse that skilfully rounds the round hips. High shoes stretch in addition. My tip: emphasize the chocolate side, who has a nice cleavage, may like to wear a deep V-neck - even skirts with chic shoes caress the figure.

What do women with large sizes generally have to pay attention to when styling?

Never choose only extremely wide clothes. That just makes you look misshapen. Classically cut trousers, which are slightly flared, slim visually, never buy upper parts skin-tight, otherwise the flaps become very fast. I think it's important that you do not hide, so you also like to choose beautiful colors for the tops. And patterned tops must be carefully chosen, not every print flatters the figure.

What is the best way to hide ...
... a strong butt:

If you do not want to go along with the style of Kim Kardashian, you can rely on cardigans and loose flowing blouses. And keep your fingers away from pants that are too high, the focus should not be on the waist.

... strong thighs:

Choose knee-length dresses and look at the d├ęcolletage. Pants should not be too tight and choose dark tones, so you cheat the pounds away. If you like, you should wear high shoes, which will lengthen the leg optimally.

... a big breast:

A well-fitting bra is the alpha and omega. I would recommend loose blouses or blousons, coarse-knit sweaters and no bright colors. Also towels conceal well.

... a tummy:

The celebrities make it possible to wear underwear figure-shaping underwear. The waistband should not be too tight and avoid tops that are tight on the skin. Here you have to pay attention to the right substances. My tip: onion look. Simply pull on a casual sweater or cardigan over a top. Airy clothes are also perfect.

What fashion inspiration should Plus Size women look for? And from whom?

I believe that women should generally value their body more. It's not about hiding it, but about emphasizing the beautiful side. This is also a matter of courage, because great trends such as boxy tops, coarsely embroidered oversize sweaters or unusual caftans are good inspirations. Adele or Beth Dito do it, both are great people and show that too.

The it-piece in every woman's wardrobe should be ...

A classic blazer in dark blue.

For this summer: high heels or sandals?

The sandal is experiencing a revival this summer, especially with straps. But for me, high heels - except on the beach - always go.

What is your personal styling hit that always works? And which fashion fiasco can not attract a woman?

Very casual: jeans, high shoes, a cream blouse and a cardigan, plus a shopper in the color of the shoes. It gets a bit nicer with blazer and statement jewelry.
And: I would sort out all trousers in carrot form immediately.

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