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Letter to my younger self

If you knew some things before that only friend number 3 is the right one, for example, that the short haircut was a rare stupid idea and at 3 kg more the world does not go down ...

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Dear younger K.,

It's the year 2005, Tokio Hotel is conquering the charts with "Through the Monsoon", Brad Pitt is leaving Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie, you're just 21 years old and have the lovelorn of your life . L., also sweet 21, you got to know each other on a journey, you split miles, but that made the thing somehow exciting, right? I know it feels like he's one, the man with whom anything would have been possible. Only he did not want that. L. pulled the emergency brake at the intersection "Reihenhaus" and "Wildes Leben" and jumped off the train with waving flags . And now it feels like the world is standing still. What helps you: "Sex and the City" in continuous loop and a visit to the hairdresser.

Dear K., if you can hear me now: Believe it or not, you will live a similar life as your heroine Carrie Bradshaw . Great loves and great men will come and go, you will write a column, just like them, and you'll even have a cupcake on the steps to their apartment in New York. And do you know what else you have in common with Carrie? The thing with the short hair is a dirty idea! She will end up wearing her again and marrying Mr. Big, and it will take her years to get the stupid step cut out of it again. So please let it be!

One more thing I would like to share with you: Do not always make yourself so small. No one can see the 2.5 kilos you gained during your last vacation. And they were worth it, right? All the danced nights with the girls, the freezing Margheritas, woman needs a decent basis. Take it as a reminder of great hours - like the bikini print you are so proud of. And believe me, if you look at 10 years later photos of you, you'll wonder what the hangman was your problem! Your butt looks great in those jeans and has not the sweet bartender recently invited you for a drink? That was certainly not so, because he found your butt too thick.

Dear K., you have already experienced so much in your short life after the teenage years, you have swum free and have dived for some, have found new friends and sometimes a new self. Therefore, do not hesitate, and do not be confused, even if someone tells you something else: You can live by writing (wonderful, even, I can call you from your future apartment) and you can look forward to so many great adventures who are still waiting for you. Do you remember how excited you were alone last year before your first trip, I'll tell you something: you'll travel around the world, dive with turtles, wave the Statue of Liberty, and stroke koalas . Always with you: your friends and your Mr. Big. For he will come, rest assured. You just have to wait a little longer, so enjoy the time! Flirt, dance, be wild and free and wonderful!

I just want to ask you one thing: Do not be so strict with your parents. Sometimes you find them terribly stuffy and the small town from which we come is a horror to you. But your mom sometimes misses you a lot . Go now and then, make a cake with her, go for a walk, even if you find that boring and drive away with her the weekend that she has been looking forward to for half a year. It will be great, believe me! With a lot of red wine, giggles and stories from yesteryear and you know something: 10 years later you are still talking about it! Even better, you're always going back when you need time out, looking for husbands, work, or just an opportunity for too much red wine and cheese crackers.

So dear K., just do not be so impatient, so strict with you, try not always to live 3 years on, but enjoy the moment. Oh, and take pictures - really let real with a camera and develop . Because, believe it or not, in 2015, you do it all with your cell phone or - as your grandma once put it: "Today you can talk on the phone with your camera." In this sense: Feel hugged! Your K.