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Which shoes are suitable for which outfit?

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  1. Which shoe fits for what?
  2. Shoes for flared pants
  3. Shoes to shorts
  4. Shoes to dress and skirt

Which shoe fits for what?

Which shoes are suitable for the flared pants? Can I wear sneakers for the dress? What suit the hip Roman sandals? We clarify!

It's often hard enough to put together the perfect outfit for you. As you stand for hours in front of the wardrobe and wonders what you want to wear. The pile of shirts, pants and co. With NO answers gets higher and higher on the bed. And then finally! The combination of blouse and shorts fits ... But then the next styling problem: which shoes go to the outfit. The color is not the problem, we're not that blind, but does the high heel or the espadrilles look better looking? Here are our styling tips: Which shoe for what?

Shoes for flared pants

The leg dress, which is absolutely hip in 2015, is the flared pants! Yeah right! The 70s revival has begun - and looks reinterpreted really great. But as a modern hippie we have to make sure that the right footwear embellishes our look. Simple styling rule: It goes up high! Especially wedge heels made of wood, cork or espadrille style are ideal for flared pants. No-go: sneakers or sandals. This looks too sleepy and the pants quickly drag across the floor.

Shoes to shorts

When styling, be careful with the length of the shorts because that can be crucial. If she is very short, you can sometimes take to shoes with a higher shaft, like Roman sandals. If the shorts have a Bermuda length, you should be content with flat, low-cut models. In general, shorts always look more sporty. Therefore, of course, sneakers, casual toe sandals and Stoffsch├╝hchen fit well. Do you want to style the shorts chic chic, you may also resort to noble slippers and pumps or peep toes. No-Go: Ankle boots. When choosing your shoes, make sure that they are color-coordinated with the look. Pick models that are compatible with most outfits. Alternatively, you can also keep in contrasting colors. So a simple look with coral-colored pumps gets the kick of freshness.

Shoes to dress and skirt

Again, it comes with the perfect styling a little on the skirt length. Basically, the longer the fabric the shorter the shoes should be in the shaft. However, boots also look good with a longer skirt - in spring and summer we should wear this combination but only in really "rainy weather". It gets more airy with pumps, peep toes, sandals and Co. For the little black we wear best "high heels" in black - that looks best, if you have a black tights on. And what about sneakers? This summer, especially colorful sneakers or white sneakers are announced. They give a casual outfit with a skirt or dress. Above all, the shallow representatives look great on other skirts. So be calm and try the contrast looks. Surely you realize how stylish the unusual combinations look like. No-Go: Overknees.

Of course, the following always applies: Feel well in your look! Do you find high-heeled shoes tiring in summer or are you not sure about high-heels? Do not torment yourself with models that you do not like. Access the alternatives listed above. For every look is certainly the ideal shoe on board.

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