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Flower band, hat or cap: That's what you wear at the festival

Flower ribbons or hats: With the matching headgear, the festival look is complete.
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Hat, headband or hat : Having the right headgear at the festival can be worth the price of gold. Acute emergencies like Bad Hair Day - mostly because you can not wash your hair - or spontaneous downpours, do not do anything with the right headgear. We have put together the best styles for you.

A straw hat is perfect for sunny days. It protects against solar radiation and it does not get hot under the light hat either. But beware: You should not squeeze the hat carelessly in the backpack, because the straw hats do not tolerate.

Cappy always goes - especially at hip-hop festivals. It does not matter if it's the front or the back: This headgear is really cool. And especially handy: If you have a bad hair day you can just steal the Cappy from the friend.

Whether melon or cowboy style: A felt hat not only protects against rain, but is also just great. Stars like Sienna Miller or Kate Moss make it and you can do it for the cool festival appearance.

Flower ribbons have long been indispensable in festivals. No wonder, because they fit perfectly with the hippie vintage look. They can be combined with crochet or maxi dresses and boots. And do not worry that the look is too playful: at festivals, the flower child look is really good.

A bandana is super practical at a festival. It can be easily plugged into the backpack and is versatile. In rockabilly style (see photo) or as a cute pirate headscarf. So you can conjure up a different look on every festival day.

By the way: At these festivals you can still do your headdress this summer.

Dockville Festival from 15. -17. August in Hamburg: The Antwoord, Birdy and Samy Deluxe.

Highfield Festival August 15-17 at Störmthaler See in Großpösna: Beatsteaks, Fettes Brot and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are among them.

Serengeti Festival from 15. -17. August in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock: with Casper, Biffy Clyro and the Editors