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Bathing, cuddling, watching "Twilight"

Shopping List November 2012

Brrr! When it gets really cold in November, editor Miriam prefers to practice cocooning.

Shopping List November 2012
Photo: Bettina Hofbauer, PR
With candles, cuddly clothes and the right accessories for the last part of the cult vampire saga "Twilight - Breaking Dawn 2". What else is on her shopping list, she reveals here.

Well, I admit it, the word cocooning is already a bit exhausted. Nonetheless, I still like to write and run it - hiding in my apartment in wet, cold weather, sinking into the bathtub with candles and the right music.

Discover Miriam's shopping list for November in the gallery (16 images):

Which brings us to the topic: the bath will be especially nice with the new great album "Bat For Lashes" on the ears. The music selection would have been clarified once! All I have to do now is decide which bath additive to choose: prefer almond-cinnamon or lemony fruity?

The only thing that can lure me out of my bathtub is the theatrical release of "Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2" on 22.11.2012. The vampire saga of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson is coming to an end - and of course I'm well prepared for a cuddly movie night!

Shopping List with Accessories for "Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2"

With the dark purple lip gloss and matching nail art from the "Twilight" edition, thanks to my pale complexion, I look like a vampire myself. I survive scary scenes by pulling particularly scary shawls over my eyes. You can find out how it looks in the picture gallery.

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