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Katy Karrenbauer plays a trouser role

Katy Karrenbauer is a real guy not only in jail, but also in the theater

Katy Karrenbauer

Katy Karrenbauer / ©

The actress, who impersonated the inmate 'Walter' on the RTL 'Frauenknast' for years, will not only slip into a real trouser role now. In three different male characters, the 47-year-old will have to prove her talent on the boards that mean the world in the comedy on the Kurfürstendamm starting today, April 13th. But she has no problem with that, as she reveals: "I have already played a few trouser roles. That's probably a type question. I also like hatching in male roles. "This is the first time Karrenbauer has been on stage for 15 years. In Shakespeare's As You Like It, she plays two dukes and a shepherd. Although Karrenbauer is looking forward to the challenge, the new job for the insolvent actress has a bitter aftertaste. So almost the entire fee is pledged. "I'm left with 1000 euros, the rest goes for the debts, and that will be the same for the next five years, " she confesses grudgingly to the 'Berliner Kurier', but adds, "Money is not the reason why I have taken over the roles. I finally wanted to do theater again. I love to be on stage, even though my main focus is still on TV. "It has recently become known that the singer has a knot in her chest. With the operator, the actress, who lost co-stars like Barbara Rudnik and Monica Bleibtreu to breast cancer, does not want to wait. She concludes: "Yes, I will undergo surgery this year. It should happen in any case. "