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Fancy DIY Jewelery Ideas with Rainbow Loom Bands

Photo: Screenshot / Official Loom Twitter

Trend jewelry made of rubber rings

The Rainbow Loom bands are currently on everyone's lips. Not only kids enjoy it. In fact, more and more adults are falling into the trend.

But what exactly are Rainbow Loom bands ? These are small, different colored rubber rings that are traditionally woven into bracelets using a special weaving frame.

But that's not enough for many Rainbow Loom fans. They have long grown out of the bracelet-making and make their own and sometimes very unusual jewelry ideas with a lot of imagination and skill.

We looked at Instagram and Twitter . These are the DIY jewelry ideas that impressed us the most.

Crazy hand jewelry - perfect for Halloween: spider web with spider.

#Rainbowloom creations at their best. "My Pet Spider" made by Dawu:

- DIY (@DIY) August 25, 2014

For sushi fans: ring in the shape of a nigiri.

I've discovered the cuteness of loom rings! Mad love this ebi #sushi ring I made a friend #rainbowloom

- Ai Sakura (@AiSakuraHaruka) August 25, 2014

Special: foot jewelry that is modeled on a sandal.

Flower ring in a retro look.

Hair tie with bow of loom bands.

Small finger ring - also with a loop.

Bow ring ♡♡ #rainbowloom

- Sands Sison (@sandenss) June 30, 2014