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Anti-feminist Meninists make us angry

The sweaters with the hashtag #Meninist are proudly presented not only by men but also women. We ask ourselves: why only ?!

Meninism: What is this - and why do even women participate?

These women show how beautiful they are and their kilos. And are exposed for the Internet. What we find tasteless, the anti-feminist Meninists think is funny. Why this movement should disappear immediately.

According to Duden, a feminist is an emancipated woman, the very one who believes in the full equality of the sexes and stands up for it. But apparently not all women want that. "Meninists" (instead of "feminists") is the name of the new kind of anti-feminists that is rallying online. Among the proponents: men as well as women.

Meanwhile, there are dozens of social media accounts that want to ridicule feminism with their Tumblr and Twitter posts - all under the guise of sarcasm. And that makes you angry! After all, we can not find anything funny about jokes about rape or sexist insults.

"Before you get upset, you need to understand the difference between meninism, the men's rights movement and anti-feminism, " writes the founder of Tumblr's "LadyMeninists" on his blog. "Please understand that Meninism is a parody of feminism, if the things I'm saying are not okay, feminism is not."

An example showing how stupid this Meninist nonsense is comes from probably the biggest account @MeninistTweet with over 923, 000 followers. And the comments that will be posted here below are as worrying as the account's high fan count.


- Meninist (@MeninistTweet) June 30, 2015

To see in the post: A collage of screenshots, all of which comment on women in bikini. "You have to tweet 'Every girl over 55 kilos is a cow' and you get a series of full body photos that will convince you otherwise, " it says in one picture. "I think that girls over 60 kilos should not wear bikinis" with a subsequent "You just always fall for it, " the user writes under other photos. The comment from @MeninistTweet "LMAOOOO" (short for "Laughing My Ass Off"). But what exactly should be funny about discriminating against women because of their bodies and publicly exposing them? Exactly, absolutely nothing!

And even worse: the accompanying blog "LadyMeninists" shows dozens of photos of women who even support these messages by wearing shirts and jumpers with the hashtag #Meninists.

Campaigns, such as the # HeForShe movement initiated by Emma Watson, have made it over the past few months that many men (from Hugh Jackman to Harry Styles) have publicly advocated equal rights - why men and women feel motivated now To ridicule efforts remains a mystery to us. Genuine feminists and feminists are committed to true equality around the world - that can be equal pay or equal career opportunities - and fight against bias, violence and prejudice of any kind. And we can only wonder how someone does not want to stand up for it - and devalue people who do just that.

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