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With this sweater you will become the kangaroo mom for your pet

This jumper is perfect for cat lovers!
Photo: Unihabitat

Mega funny: sweater with cuddle bag for cats and dogs

Become a megastar for your dog or cat with this cuddly sweater. You will want to cuddle with you around the clock.

Do you love your pet above all else and would you like to spend hours every day cuddling with your dog or cat? Then here comes the perfect solution for you! A hoodie with a cuddle bag for the pet!

No matter in which situation, whether on the couch, at the desk or when ironing - with this jumper kitten and dogs stay safely in place. The sweater costs the equivalent of about 45 euros. Well thought out: the cuddle bag can be removed for cleaning. Especially funny are the special details, such as the cat ears on the hood of the sweater and paw pads on the sleeves. That's what real animal lovers want ... right?

The order could unfortunately be a bit difficult, because the sweater is distributed only in Japanese, but who knows about Amazon, can perhaps guess which button he has to click to order the part ...

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