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Josh Hartnett falls in love with Ryan Phillipe's ex?

Abbie Cornish and Josh Hartnett now a couple?

Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett / ©

Even Abbie Cornish has apparently recovered well from her separation from Ryan Phillippe and already found new love happiness: she was just spotted with Josh Hartnett - first at the intimate dinner in New York, then a few days later at the birthday party of Channing Tatum. There, the two lovebirds headed straight for a table in a secluded corner of the restaurant Macao Trading Inc. and spent the whole evening married together. It did not even seem to bother Josh Hartnett that fellow actors like Jenna Dewan (Channing Tatums Wife), James Ransone and Ray Liotta were at the party. He and the Australian beauty had, according to witnesses, only eyes for each other and definitely looked like a couple aus.After that, it is official that Abbie Cornish is already under the hood after leaving with Ryan in February, because it should If she and Josh are a harmless Techtelmechtel, the two would certainly not have appeared together for a party where Presserummel is inevitable - unless they are simply extremely naive or wanted to stir the rumor drum a little!