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Truck stop in Nice: More than 80 dead - when is it enough?

In a terrible attack in Nice, more than 80 people have been killed.
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In France, a suspected assassin has hit more than 80 people

What a shock! We were just so relieved that the European Championship in France without terrorist attacks has gone on stage - now the terrible attack in Nice. In the popular tourist town yesterday, the French national holiday was celebrated big. Countless people were on the streets.

After a fireworks, the unbelievable happened: on the Promenade des Anglais, the famous big street on the beach of Nice, a truck races into a crowd, over a distance of two kilometers it passes over the people. At least 84 people were killed, according to the latest information from the Ministry of Interior.

Among the dead are Germans. reports: "There were at least three German fatalities in the attack in Nice: one teacher and two students from Berlin."

The alleged assassin was shot dead. French President Francois Hollande called the act a terrorist attack. He has announced that he will extend the exemption status in France since November 2015 by three months: "We must do everything we can to fight the scourge of terrorism."

Chancellor Angela Merkel was deeply upset. She said: "Germany is on the side of France in the fight against terrorism, united with many others, and I am convinced that despite all the difficulties we will win this fight".

We are shocked and in thoughts with the friends and families of the victims. In what kind of world do we live that happily celebrating people are so killed? When is it enough? Violence always results in more violence. We wish each other so much that we can someday curb the constantly escalating terror. Terror will never be the way to peace. When will the countless assassins understand this?

Emergency telephone number for relatives:

The victim assistance center in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has meanwhile set up an emergency number for relatives. The hotline can be reached at +33 1431 75 646.

The Federal Foreign Office has updated the travel and safety information for France: travel and safety information France

According to ZDF terrorism expert Elmar Theve├čen is still unclear whether it is in #Nizza a terrorist attack.

- ZDF (@ZDF) 15 July 2016

Even in social networks like Twitter, the grief and horror are great. There were many pictures and video footage of the act shared.


- PLANTU (@plantu) July 14, 2016


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