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Instructions socks Elephant

Here is the complete guide including pictures for download.

You need this:

  • 1 pair of socks in dark gray
  • 1 single sock in gray
  • Embroidery thread in light blue
  • pink and white striped fabric
  • 2 buttons in light blue
  • Sewing thread in dark gray and white
  • scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • filling material
  • sewing needle

(Material of all haberdashery)

And this is how it's done:

1) First cut the socks according to the laying pattern.

Photo: deco & style

(You can find the leaflet at the top of the instructions for download.)
2) From the upper parts of the two socks shanks arise the legs. Halve the shafts first.
3) Cut the four legs to the same length.
4) Sew legs to the left, except for one short side, then turn. Then stitch the edges of the closed short sides to flat feet.
5) stuff legs with filler.
6) Sew on the head part (middle part of the left sock) on the left side of the long open side. Round off the transition from trunk to head. Turn and fill.
7) Sew up the body (middle part of the right sock) on the left and on the hoe. Include 2 hind legs.
8) Turn body and fill.
9) Sew body to the head and sew on forelegs.
10) Sew tail (left hoe) on left side at long open side. Turn, fill and sew to the body. Sew on a puff of blue embroidery thread.
11) Make ears: Cut bright ears from the single sock using a sock tip as a template. If you like, just take the existing dark ears (sock tips).
12) Roll the outer edges of the ears slightly inwards and sew.
13) Sew ears to the head.
14) Sew button to the head as an eye.
15) Fold a patterned strip of fabric lengthwise right-to-right and sew on the lengthwise side. Close short sides, with blue embroidery thread as fringe.

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