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instructions towel

You need this:

  • White cotton tablecloths (household goods)
  • Boiling textile paint in blue (, for 2, 79 €)
  • salt
  • Big bowl of water
  • Big spoon
  • rubber gloves
  • Kettle about 6 equal pieces of wood
  • 2 screw clamps
  • Iron with underlay

And this is how it's done:

Itajime technique:

In this technique, for example, pieces of wood are used so that no color reaches certain parts of the substance. For this, the fabric is folded accordion-like and ironed, for example in the form of a square. This fabric stack is then pressed together with the help of screw clamps and pieces of wood. The result is uniform, geometric patterns.

1) Place the tea towel on the ironing pad and fold accordion-like. Iron every fold into shape.

2) Fold the strip of fabric into rectangular areas. For this, continue to fold back and forth rectangular areas, until at the end a neat pile of materials remains superfluous.

3) Now in the middle, always directly on top of each other, put a piece of wood in each "fold". Finally, on and under the pile. Fix "Holz-StoffPaket" with screw clamps.

4) Let the prepared fabric stack soak for about 10 minutes in cold, clear water.

5) Mix the dye bath according to the packing instructions. Stain the fabric pile for about 15 minutes, stirring repeatedly. The longer the cover floats in the dye bath, the more intense the pattern becomes.

6) Thoroughly rinse fabric stacks under cold, clear water and remove the screw clamps and pieces of wood.

7) hang the tea towel to dry.

8) Iron the dried cloth smoothly.

Here you can download the entire manual.

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