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Alicia Keys presents her baby bump

Pregnancy Alicia Keys

It is nearly time! Alicia Keys is pregnant with baby number 2 and proudly presented the approach of a cute baby ball at the launch of a new perfume.

Alicia Keys baby belly
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Update, September 22, 2014, 10:15 am: Alicia Keys nude with baby bump

At the beginning of September 2014, Alicia Keys proudly presented her sweet baby ball approach, but now the attractive singer took a step further and posted a picture of her naked baby bump on 21 September 2014 (@aliciakeys on Instagram). The special feature: On the snapshot, she is completely naked and covered only with her hands her breasts. In addition, a big peace sign is painted on her belly.

The picture is part of the #WeAreHere Charity Campaign, which aims to connect people and make sure that social things are changed rather than silently accepted. For Alicia Keys it is a matter of the heart. It's really impressive that the singer, despite being pregnant, has the time to work for other people. Great!

Alicia Keys gets baby number 2 soon

Ui, how great! Alicia Keys is soon to become a mom, and now presents her sweet baby ball approach on September 2, 2014, at the launch of the new Givenchy fragrance "Dahlia Divin" in New York City. The attractive singer was very secretive about her pregnancy at Baby Number 2 and kept the news secret for a long time. So much the better that we now get to see a very pregnant and happy Alicia Keys.

The baby bellies of the stars shows the gallery!

It was not until July 30, 2014, Alicia Keys publicized the pregnancy with a photo on Instagram, her husband Swizz Beatz hugging her baby bump from behind. She wrote: "Happy Anniversary to the love of my !! And they're both in love with us, even though they've been together for six years. But not only in love it is great, her career is also steeply upwards. The presentation of the fragrance is part of a beauty contract with Givenchy - her first ever! We are looking forward to the birth of the child and first cute baby pictures.

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