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Slim with the two-day diet

New Two-Day Diet The new diet trend for connoisseurs
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  1. Two diet days are enough
  2. That's how easy the two-day diet is
  3. Sugar is taboo
  4. This is behind the new wonder cure
  5. diet book

Losing weight: New two-day diet

The new diet trend for connoisseurs - the two-day diet is as simple as it is ingenious. Only two days a week, fasting, at the other five you eat what you want and take off until Christmas. We introduce the new diet.

Experts claim that it is not between Christmas and New Year's Eve, but between New Year's Eve and Christmas. Nevertheless, 80 percent of women in Advent have problems keeping their weight or even losing weight.

No wonder! Who has time for daily fitness sessions, when there are still so many presents to buy? And who seriously comes up with the idea to let the whole Christmas spirit spoil itself by meticulous calorie counting?

"It does not have to be that way, " promises Dr. Michelle Harvie from University Hospital South Manchester, England. She has developed an ingenious strategy that allows you to enjoy the calorie-filled Advent season to the fullest and lose even one kilo per week. So if you start at the end of November, lose four kilos until Christmas and fit perfectly into the Little Black!

Two diet days are enough

This is how the revolutionary diet concept works: fasting is done on just two days a week and the remaining five can be eaten as normal. "It does not make you feel like giving up, and it's easier to keep up with the two days of dieting where it matters."

What is allowed in the two-day diet, we show in the gallery (8 pictures):

A maximum of 600 calories in the form of protein-rich dairy products and good carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables are allowed on both days.

That this 2: 5 fasting rhythm works, the scientist has demonstrated in a study of 155 women. "We were even surprised that our subjects were able to achieve such enormous success. Especially the fact that mostly fat is burned in the abdominal region is another small sensation. "

That's how easy the two-day diet is

The Simple Slim Rhythm: Fasting for two days, feasting on five days is more effective than strict dieting seven days a week. Which two days of the week you plan for fasting is up to you. Also, whether these follow each other directly or several days in between, makes no difference.

"It's important that you feel good, " says Harvie. "You should be sure that this day you will be able to get along without carbohydrates and with relatively few calories." Unlike the other five days, you have to adhere strictly to the guidelines: no more than 900 milliliters Low-fat milk, plenty of fruits and vegetables, vegetable broth and plenty of water.

Sugar is taboo

The milk may be replaced in portions (per 300 milliliters) with 150 grams of natural yoghurt, 100 grams of fruit yoghurt or 100 grams of fresh cottage cheese. What corresponds to a portion of fruit or vegetables, read in the gallery on the 2nd page.

You can eat this pure or process it to tasty dishes. For drinks, try milk with cinnamon, nutmeg, pureed fruits or vanilla extract - do not use sugar, use sweetener sparingly. For seasoning vegetables are herbs, mustard, vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, ginger and chili - fat and oil for searing are taboo.

This is behind the new wonder cure

Originally, the two-day diet was developed as an "Intermittent Diet" at the Genesis Prevention Center of Manchester University Hospital just seven years ago to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. Due to the 2: 5-fasting rhythm, the hormone release, which is held responsible for breast cancer diseases, significantly reduced.

Delicious recipes of the two-day diet can be discovered in the gallery (6 images).

It was only recently that the British scientists discovered that consistently avoiding carbohydrates on just two days a week even leads to better customer success than conventional low-calorie diets. "On average, women consumed twice as many as those who were limited to 1, 500 calories seven days a week, " says Harvie.

diet book

No wonder that this study caused a worldwide sensation and the original diet book "The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet" long gone - it is now traded for horrendous prices on the Internet.

In May 2013 the new book "The 2-Day Diet" (Vermillion, around 15 Euro) by Dr. med. Michelle Harvie.

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