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The Jockstrap: Extremely permissive swimwear for men

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Imagine: A sturdy guy gets out of the water in front of our bath towel and carries nothing but this part of the body. Look and feel like taking or screaming?

Jockstrap by JQK
Photo: NaiKShop / Facebook

Whatever the personal response and individual taste, JQK's "Unilateral Jockstrap" is the tightest swimwear ever to attract attention.

The hottest six packs of the World Cup footballers shows the gallery!

Of course, tanning strips reduce man to a minimum in this way, but must expect here with asymmetry. Cover up, how much or how little you have, does not work with this courageous overcoat. We wonder if men are more likely to like women or other men - and if the breath of pants can withstand any waves.

What we also urgently want to know: How elastic is the jockstrap when the size of its best piece changes spontaneously?

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