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18 signs that it is the man of life

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Is he the right one for me?

Unfortunately, the man of life does not carry a shining shield in front of him that reads, "The Right One." How to recognize him anyway. Here comes: our check list for the man of life !

Why is the right one usually quite different than we would have baked it? We never thought when the search started. In which for years we braved wild bravado types with long hair. Or, on the hunt for more depth, we met with sentimental philosophers with Sartre know-how. No matter how different our wishful thinking might be, we all got a picture of a man early on. The man we see ourselves at the side. In doing so, we forgot to ask ourselves what the relationship should actually look like. Until we realize at some point that the single-minded doctor we always wanted does not make us laugh. Or the seemingly empathetic pedagogue never asks us for our opinion.

Here we come slowly to the funnel that does not count the idea of ​​the man of life . It matters what we are with this man and what he triggers in us. Does he bring out our good sides, or does he slow us down? Does he also love our weaknesses, or does he just want to enjoy our strengths? Not easy! We help with a checklist!

How to tell if it's the man of your life:

1. He boasts with you

2. He makes sacrifices for you - and you too, for him!

3. They have the same values

4. He is still attentive even after years

5. He does not want to change you

6. When you think of their wedding, the best part of it is not the celebration itself, but the life afterwards

7. They have a long distance relationship - and are still a couple

8. "I miss you" is not just a phrase

9. You never wanted to move into a shared flat - but you can not imagine a flat without it

10. He's the first person you want to tell you something about - job, friends or anything else

11. You would like to plan months or even a year in advance with him

12. You can cry in front of him without being embarrassed

13. Your friends complain about your guy - you'll be quiet because you can think of anything with your loved one

14. He gets along well with your family - and wants you to understand him too

15. He cares about your friends

16. With him you can also let off some steam

17. He tells you from scratch that you look sexy

18. You can go on vacation together without arguing