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Lights for balcony and garden: So you will find the right one

Planted: These light objects are something very special, because they are bucket and lamp in one. At night, they dip the garden in soft glow. Planter "Flora" with bulbs, from Ø 50 cm, 38 cm high, from about 350 €,
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Insert light correctly

Atmosphere, cosiness and security - we'll show you how to find the right lighting for your green room.

When choosing outdoor lighting, pay attention not only to the look, but above all to the functionality. For paths and stairs, safety is paramount. A light source at the top of the landing improves the view of the steps with its cone of light.

When it comes to targeted staging, colored lights provide great effects. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your seating area, you are well advised with lights that emit warm light. Basically, solar powered variants are the best choice. They turn on automatically at dusk and enchant balcony, terrace and garden with a beautiful light. When it comes to power, your best bet is to use multiple sockets with ground spike (DIY store). They can be set up and changed flexibly.

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