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Was an 800 year old alien phone found in Austria?

Does an alien phone look like this?
Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Paranormal Crucible

Conspiracy theorists are sure: this is an alien phone

Looks like an old Nokia phone, but NO! Conspiracy theorists are sure: This is an 800 year old alien phone!

We are not alone! And conspiracy theorists have a new "proof" for this: resistance is pointless!

ET just wanted to call home and now we have the salad: An 800-year-old and "obviously" aliens-inspired mobile phone is now causing a stir.

At least with dedicated conspiracy theorists.

Because they are sure: 800 years ago people saw aliens mobile phones and built on the model of this sight of this (see picture) imitation cell phone made of clay.

And if the phone is not from aliens, then it is at least (according to other conspiracy theorists) a proof that there are time travel. After all, the phone looks suspiciously like an old Nokia phone. Certainly time travelers (whose existence is kept secret by the government) had it.

Whatever, this alien or time traveler cell phone imitation was now found in Austria, near Salzburg - supposedly.

Strange is only that so far not a single archaeologist has confirmed the find. Or has "known" to it.

It is more likely that someone wanted to joke here.

We are sure that the truth is out there ...


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