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Living and dining room in the new English country house style

A new space four times different - variant 1

As barren and barren as an empty new space seems, so are the chances to give it a distinctive character. Four examples show how furniture, fabrics, colors and accessories enliven the empty shell in different ways.

With white beams on the ceiling cosiness pulls into the barren Neubauzimmer - not a rustic, but a lively rural in New England style. This is underlined by natural materials: wood - cherry color, dark brown or under white lacquer - as well as the two-colored rattan braid of the chairs in the 60s style. And the wall-hung ethanol fireplace provides a cozy atmosphere on demand.

ceiling beams

Beams and blue block stripes - rustic style elements like these make it easy to put a sober room in country house mood.

Tip from the expert: Whether they are made of real wood or hollow hollow foam, the quaint effect is the same. However, it is softened by the white. There are these rustic, easy to cut in shape bars in three shades, thicknesses of 6 x 6 cm to 19 x 17 cm and lengths of 2 to 4 m for about 25 euros per meter (DECOSA)

Open fire

TV on the wall and yet can keep open fire. The flames are fed by ethanol in three doses (Dear living)

Tip from the expert: It has never been so easy to bring warmth and cosiness into the living room with blazing flames. Because the new fireplaces are vastly different from traditional ones: they do not need a chimney connection, take up little space - the fireplace is just 85 x 85 x 20 cm in size - and they hardly do any work. Instead of painstakingly chopped logs, today you simply fill ethanol into the containers in the combustion chamber and ignite it. Also furniture backs you rarely, because the fireplace with a wide metal frame can be hung anywhere in the room. There is even a stand for him, so it is conceivable to put him on the terrace in summer

Manufacturer: Decorative beams: DECOSA. Showcase, Secretary: Form Exclusiv. Chairs: Impressions. Glass table: Jan Kurtz. Sofa: Seefelder furniture workshops. Fireplace: Dear living. Lights, blinds: Ikea. Metal floor lamp: Mirabeau shipping. Curtain fabric: Nya Nordiska. Curtain rod: MHZ. Cherry parquet: Haro. Vases: Habitat. Cover: fabric office. Etagere, Terrine: Kirchner. Pictures: Poster Gallery.

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