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WhatsApp gets free - is there advertising for it now?

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WhatsApp founder Jan Koum has announced that WhatsApp will be free

It has just been announced: WhatsApp should be free. And soon. Does that mean that we now have to expect advertising?

WhatsApp has never been more expensive: The download is still free, then you use the messenger for free for a year, after WhatsApp cost 89 cents a year. But even these low costs should soon be eliminated: WhatsApp founder Jan Koum announced at the DLD Conference 2016 in Munich that WhatsApp should become free.

Already in the next weeks it should be ready. "The acquisition [by Facebook 2014] has allowed us to focus on growth and not think about making money, " said Jan Koum. Many people in other countries do not have a credit card or even a bank account and therefore could not use WhatsApp (no longer than a year). Without fees you could also reach these people with WhatsApp.

Instead, should be placed more on advertising revenue, it says in many press releases. Does that mean that we will soon see advertising on WhatsApp?

Probably not quite. In the future, companies should be able to communicate better with their customers via WhatsApp. For example, airlines and banks should be able to communicate with their existing customers via WhatsApp. So you are not contacted by foreign companies, but only by companies where you are already a customer. Such a kind of newsletter. So it should rather give business customers, on which WhatsApp then financed, and not pure advertising.

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