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Welcome! Design ideas for the corridor

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Come on in!

The business card of our home is often cool and drab. A cheerful color mix works wonders in the hallway.

She should be inviting and friendly. Finally, the hallway is the first room that guests or we see from the apartment. Not very easy, especially because entrance areas are usually small, tube-like and without windows planned. It takes colors that drive the tight spots.

In order to make the corridor appear larger and lighter, we recommend natural tones in light shades in addition to white. If you prefer colorful, you should create a neutral base and mix strong colors like purple, red or yellow as a decoration.

Our design ideas for the hallway :

1) Water Blue and Greige: The two make an elegant connection. The cool light blue gives the warm graysweet a cheerful touch.

2) Cherry red and violet: striking, but in the noble way - that is the motto of this color pair. Purposefully used, it makes rooms shine.

3) Beige or Kieselgrau - light natural tones catch light in the hallway and make it homely.