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When children become narcissists

When children become narcissists
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Too much praise can hurt

Parents who tell their children too often how great these are, according to studies grow small narcissists permanently.

A Dutch-American research team has found in a study something amazing: Who praises his child beyond measure and raises on a pedestal, seriously risked to attract a small narcissist. A child who receives such education eventually believes that he is worth more than others and thus harms society in the long term. The current study is based on the survey of educationalist Eddie Brummelman of the University of Amsterdam. He interviewed 565 Dutch children between the ages of seven and eleven. The parents of the respondents were interviewed four times in two years. The result: If the parents said about their children that they were "more special than other children" or "deserve something extraordinary in life", the offspring were later narcissistic compared to the others. Particularly noticeable: the children overestimated by their parents had less empathy and were more sensitive to criticism.

Narcissism is not equal to self-esteem

Narcissism should not be confused with self-esteem . Not by excessive praise, but by a lot of emotional warmth, a healthy self-confidence will be strengthened. By another study, the scientists found that even children who are often rewarded materially and punishments this reward is withdrawn again, later grow into materialists. In times of helicopter parenting and constant attention, the findings of the two studies will hopefully provide awareness Proportionality in education. After all, every parent wants only the best for their child - and ultimately everyone has to find out for themselves what's best for their own child.