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B vitamins: 8 tips against serious shortage

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  1. Take 8!
  2. B1 brings new strength
  3. B2 keeps the skin healthy
  4. B3 lowers cholesterol
  5. B5 reduces stress
  6. B6 lifts the mood
  7. B7 for the beauty
  8. B9 makes you happy
  9. B12 protects the nerves
  10. In the researcher focus: hyaluronic acid

Take 8!

They are mainly present in liver and fatty fish and are extremely important for our metabolism: the B vitamins . No matter if it is about nerves, digestion, hormones, blood counts, muscles, skin or hair: in all processes in the body these eight substances are involved. Scientists have just discovered that many complaints are apparently due to a lack of vital substances - and the B vitamins play an increasingly important role in prevention and therapy.

We introduce you to the B vitamins : what they can do and what foods they are in. However, it is not easy to meet the daily needs of the diet - offal z. B. are not everyone's thing. Ask your family doctor if it is advisable to take supplements .

B1 brings new strength

Thiamine is also called this B vitamin. It is significantly involved in the formation of gastric acidity, carbohydrate metabolism and energy production. First of all, our heart muscle and brain need vitamin B1 to deliver full performance. Gastrointestinal discomfort, fatigue, insomnia, loss of performance, nervousness and headache can be a vitamin B1 deficiency. Daily requirement: 1 mg. Contain z. In 100 g of soybeans, 100 g of pork fillet, 100 g of ham, 200 g of oatmeal.

B2 keeps the skin healthy

Riboflavin is needed especially in the cells. Those who have too little vitamin B2 in the blood, not infrequently reacts with irritated and itchy skin, redness, torn corners of the mouth. Also vision and photosensitivity may be disturbed. Daily requirement: 1.2 - 1.5 mg. Contain z. In 200 g almonds, 300 g porcini mushrooms.

B3 lowers cholesterol

Niacin needs the metabolism for the processing of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. A deficiency can be manifested by increased cholesterol, dermatitis, diarrhea and depressive moods. Daily requirement: 13 mg. Contain z. In 100 g of calf's liver, 150 g of tuna, 100 g of peanuts, 100 g of wheat bran, 300 g of rice.

B5 reduces stress

Pantothenic acid supports the work of the immune system and promotes the formation of hormones that are responsible for stress reduction in the body. A deficiency leads to headache, fatigue, frequent infections, anemia and poor wound healing. Daily requirement: 6 mg. Contain z. In 300 g of mushrooms, 600 g of beef, 250 g of peas.

B6 lifts the mood

Pyridoxine is needed for the formation of important hormones such as serotonin, melatonin or dopamine, which are responsible, inter alia, for sleep and mood. Studies indicate that vitamin B6 also protects the vessels, significantly reducing the risk of heart attack. Deficiency can quickly lead to headaches, skin disorders, nerve pain and depressive moods. Daily requirement: 1.5 mg. Contain z. In 200 g beef, 150 g salmon, 150 g soybeans.

B7 for the beauty

Hair loss, broken nails and flaky dry skin indicate a lack of vitamin B7, better known as biotin or even vitamin H. Daily requirement: 30. 60 micrograms (¥ ìg). Contain z. In: 100 g soybeans, 150 g peanuts, 300 g rice, 150 g pork liver. If you liked strong hair and nail, you should take a vitamin B7 cure. B. with "Biotin H Forte¡ °, over-the-counter, pharmacy.

B9 makes you happy

Folic acid plays a crucial role in blood formation and cell division. Many people have too little folate in the blood, which can be felt by fatigue and lack of concentration. In pregnancy, folate deficiency may hinder the development of the embryo. Daily requirement: 300 micrograms. Contain z. As in: 300 g asparagus, 100 g of chickpeas, 150 g Brussels sprouts.

B12 protects the nerves

Nerve pain, difficulty concentrating, numbness, heart failure: Behind all these symptoms may be a vitamin B12 deficiency. Increased homocysteine ​​levels, an important risk factor for infarction and stroke, can also be regulated with this vitamin. Daily requirement: 3 micrograms. Contain z. B. in: 30 g of herring, 150 g of beef, 300 g Schnitzel. Vitamin B12 works best together with the vitamins B1, B6 and folic acid, tablets are also very useful. B. in "Caneasanguis", over the counter, pharmacy.

In the researcher focus: hyaluronic acid

Not only vitamins, but also body-own substances are becoming more and more important in medicine: Researchers are constantly finding new uses for hyaluron. This acid produces our body to supply the skin and joints. It is already being used as a wrinkle filler in anti-aging cosmetics (see page 22), and orthopedists inject it into osteoarthritis pain. New studies show that hyaluronan preparations (eg in "Arthrosamine strong" and "Arthromaxx", over the counter, pharmacy) also delay the cartilage degradation and relieve joint pain.

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